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How to clean out & organize your closet

Posted on March 06 2016

Hey, I was snooping around in your closet while you were out.  Guess what...I found a lot of clothes in there you're not wearing. It may be time to take a long hard look at your closet and let go of some things. 

Studies show that a cluttered, unorganized and over crowded closet actually leads to increased anxiety and stress.  Who wants more stress in their lives?  Not me!   We have enough to deal with on a daily basis, and we don't need to add stress when trying to get dressed and out the door in the morning.

Today, l will give you a few ideas on how to clean out your closet, and then ideas on what to do with the clothes you no longer want.  Believe me, it really does make a difference!

1. Organize your clothes according to season.

I keep Fall & Winter clothes together and Spring & Summer clothes together. Twice a year I swap out the clothes in my closet.   Find a new spot for the out of season clothes so they do not take up valuable space in your closet.  This will make more room and you won't feel overwhelmed when looking for something to wear. 

2. Remove clothes that are no longer in good condition.

Anything that is ripped, stained, worn out or misshaped, simply get rid of those pieces. 

3.  If it doesn't fit, remove it from your closet.

Find a new home for these pieces if you are not ready to get rid of them. Only keep what currently fits in your closet.  You don't need a daily reminder that those jeans don't fit right now.

4. If you wore it in college, and you are just waiting for acid washed jeans to come back in style, it's not gonna happen.

Let go of any pieces that are trendy to a specific decade. Yes, that means your 80's inspired shoulder pad blazer must go. Even if old trends do come back in fashion, they will be cut and styled in a fresh current way. Those high-waited jeans you wore in college with the 6 inch zipper will not be the same as today's high-wasted jean styles.

You know you wore them and watched Melrose Place on Monday night.  Get rid of these pieces. 


 5. Now that you have paired down what is in your closet, organize it.

I like to organize my closet according to color. You may like to organize according to type of piece:   all shirts together, all dresses together etc. It doesn't matter what system you use, whatever works for you, just organize it in some way.  

Okay, so you have gone into your closet and pulled all the pieces you no longer wear, even the ones with the tags still on. Now what do you do. 

1. But I might wear it again someday.

If you have trouble letting go of the clothes in your closet for whatever reason, that's okay, I have a solution for that. Instead of getting rid of them, put them in a different place. I store pieces I still like and think I might wear again in my son's closet.  His clothes are in a pile on the floor of his room most of the time anyway. I've taught him how his dresser works and how to use hangers, but he's not interested, so his closet is now my closet.  By doing this, I have made room in my closet and I don't have to sift through those clothes to get to what I really want to wear. 

2. I hate to throw clothes away. 

I do too. You can always give your unwanted clothes to charity. There are a lot of places that are in need of women's clothing. Dress for Success is a wonderful organization that helps women move forward in life by providing them with the necessary wardrobe, life skills and support they need. 

Here is a link to their website: https://www.dressforsuccess.org/about-us/

3. Have a Clothing Swap Party with your friends.

This is a fun way to get rid of clothes you no longer wear, but are still in good condition. You may not wear it anymore, but your friend might love it. Here is how to have a Clothing Swap Party.

  • Invite your friends over for a fun night. Tell everyone attending to bring a few pieces they no longer wear, including shoes, bags and jewelry. They can bring as many pieces as they want. The more to choose from during the party, the better.
  • As your friends arrive, tag every piece with a number. You can buy little stickers at any drug store.
  • Lay the clothes out in a nice fashion so everyone can easily see what is available to take home. Put all the like clothes together, sweaters in one area, shoes, dresses etc. It is easier to browse if like clothes are laid out together. I have rented clothing racks from my local party store for these parties. The racks are inexpensive to rent and it makes the experience more like shopping at a boutique or store. 
  • Print up one master list that is numbered 1-100. Leave a space after each number for people to write their name. 
  • You and your friends will browse through what was brought to the party. Have a mirror available and somewhere for people to try on clothes. 
  • If you like a piece and want to take it home, you write your name on the master list next to the corresponding number. If a dress is marked #44 and you like it, you write your name down on line 44 from the master list. 
  • At the end of the night, the host will go through the master list. If only one name is next to a number, that person gets the piece. 
  • If a few people have written their name down and they all want the same piece, you will have to come up with a fun way to decided who gets that piece. You can have them roll dice and whoever gets the higher number wins that piece. Whatever way you think is fun to decide who gets that piece is up to you. 
  • Have some shopping bags available for your friends to take their new pieces home in.
  • Any left over pieces that did not get claimed can either go back home with whomever brought them or can be left for you to take to charity.  

 Feel free to download these images to help you host your Clothing Swap party. 


 So now you have some ideas on how to clean out your closet and what to do with the clothes you no longer want or need. I hope this helps reduce stress and makes picking out an outfit easier for you. Everyday style does not have to be stressful and a clean and organized closet will help.

If you decide to have a clothing swap party, let us know how it goes. We would love to hear about it. 



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