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The "Third Piece" Rule. How to use it to look more stylish

Posted on April 05 2016

I am going to let you in on a fashion secret today. Do you ever wonder why some women always look effortlessly stylish? How do they do it? Their outfits seem to be polished and put-together no matter what they have on. Their secret is the "Third Piece" rule. 

The Third Piece rule is simple. Add a third piece to your basic outfit to pull it together and elevate your look. What is a "Third piece" you ask. A "Third Piece " can be a jacket, blazer, vest, scarf, belt or statement accessory just to name a few. It's a final piece you add that completes your look. 

In this image above, all of us have on a "Third Piece" (from left to right)

Renee has on a large statement necklace as her "Third Piece"

I have on a blazer as my "Third Piece"

Laura has a cute light weight denim jacket as her "Third Piece"

Amy has on a belt as her "Third Piece"

By adding a "Third Piece" you will achieve that perfectly styled look you crave. Have you ever had on a pair of jeans and a cute top only to think...something is missing? It's the "Third Piece" you are missing. Add a scarf, statement necklace, vest or blazer and you will take that outfit from simple to perfectly styled.

Here are more examples of the "Third Piece" rule to help you see how just this one addition to your outfit makes all the difference.

The chambray shirt is my "Third Piece". It pulls this casual look together giving it a more polished feel.  

 Here I added a scarf as my "Third Piece". A simple add on, but it really adds style and thoughtfulness to the outfit. 
Here Heidi added a vest to her outfit as her "Third Piece" The vest completes the outfit. 
Again, adding a vest or jacket really elevates these looks. 
A scarf or necklace is the perfect "Third Piece" 

 Basically, the "Third Piece" makes it look like you spent time putting an outfit together as opposed to just throwing something on. Your look will be polished, complete and elevated.

Don't forget that Kuhfs would be considered a "Third Piece" as well. Kuhfs will elevate your everyday style effortlessly.

       Kuhfs Girl Next Door Design

Amy Olson

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