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How to build a functional wardrobe that will save you time & money

Posted on April 12 2016

Raise your hand if you have a closet full of clothes, but you still struggle with finding something to wear each day. Do you look through your closet thinking...Why did I buy this print sweater or floral skirt? Do you have clothes in your closet that rarely get worn because you can only wear them one way?

This used to be me before I learned how to build a wardrobe. I had plenty of
clothes in my closet, but struggled to put together a cute outfit with the
pieces I had or I would end up wearing the same thing over and over. I
felt I needed more options, so I kept buying more clothes. This quickly became expensive, frustrating and a waste of time. 

Today, I have 5 tips to help you build a functional wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and saves you time and money. Fair warning, you will need to be patient. Building a
wardrobe takes time, but it can be done. Our goal is for you to save precious time and money by having your own functional wardrobe to get dressed from. 

Let's get started building the wardrobe of your dreams.

1. Think neutral
You want to have a lot of options when deciding what to wear. The best way to
do this is to keep your everyday wardrobe staples in neutral colors - so they are
easy to build an outfit upon. Wardrobe staples would be your; jeans, pants, skirts, and blazers, etc. in black, brown, grey, tan, navy and cream. 

From this small collection of basic neutral pieces, I have tons of outfit options.
I can create several outfits by pairing these pieces together:

1,2 & 5
2,3,& 4
2,3 & 5
3,6 & 9
6,7 & 9
4 & 8
1,6 & 9
8 & 5 with pumps
8 &6 with heels

You get the idea. Imagine how difficult it would be to do this with pieces that are not neutral. Pattern and color will be added to your wardrobe with your accessories or a few fun pieces, but keep your basic pieces neutral. 

2. Basic training
Make sure you have all of the basic pieces to work with. Below is a checklist to get you started. You don't have to have a lot of clothes, just the right pieces to work with. Those cute coral colored jeans you have are awesome, but you can't wear those everyday and are more difficult to create an outfit from. You need pieces you can use again and again, pieces you can mix and match to build different outfits with. 

3. Build instead of buy
Before you buy a piece of clothing ask yourself the following; Does this help build my wardrobe? Do I have something similar already? Can I create outfits with this piece from what I already own? Stopping to think before you buy will help build a wardrobe instead of just buying random clothes. Of course you can buy something just for the fun of it or because you absolutely love it. Just don't make a habit out of buying pieces that don't fit into your wardrobe or you may spend a lot of money on clothes you can only wear one way. 

4. Think about your lifestyle. 
Do you need more work appropriate pieces or is your life more everyday casual? If you work 50% of the time, then 50% of the clothes in your closet should be work appropriate. If you rarely go to formal events, than only 5% of the clothes in your closet should be for formal events. You want your closet and the pieces in it to fit your lifestyle. Don't waste money on pieces that don't reflect your lifestyle. I have two nice dresses in my closet that I can wear if the occasion arises. It would be a waste of money for me to have 5 or 6 really cute dresses waiting for an event to happen. 

Here I am building my wardrobe with casual everyday pieces I can mix and match. I don't need office appropriate pieces, so I am not wasting money on them. 

5. Don't invest a lot in trendy pieces 
Trends come and go each season. Some have more staying power than others, but trends have their heyday and eventually fizzle out. You want to incorporate trends into your wardrobe to keep your look current and fresh, but you don't need to invest a small fortune trying to stay trendy. Buy a few inexpensive trendy pieces that will work with your wardrobe and call it a day. 

These 5 tips will help you build a functional wardrobe that will save you time and money. Building a functional wardrobe will take patience at first, but small changes in how you shop will get you heading in the right direction. Start by downloading my checklist ( right click & save image) then head to your closet to see what you have to work with. Keep my tips in mind next time you go shopping and you will not end up buying pieces that don't fit your lifestyle or wardrobe. 

Download the Functional Wardrobe Checklist here

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you are ready to add some patterns and color to your wardrobe, I encourage you to check out our latest collection of Kuhfs.

Amy Olson






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