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Are you stuck in a style rut? 5 Easy Tips to Help You Get Unstuck.

Posted on April 26 2016

I was scrolling threw my Instagram feed the other day and noticed the vast
majority of my style inspiration images had me wearing the same jeans over and over. I styled my jeans to create a cute outfit, but it was the same outfit again and again. I was stuck in a style rut, and didn't even realize it! Where are my cute dresses, leggings or skirts? My Instagram feed and my everyday style became a mundane repeat of the same old thing. It's time to break out of my rut and try something new.

                   Style Inspiration with Kuhfs

This dress was tucked in the back of my closet having only been worn once last year. Why? It is figure flattering, versatile and comfortable. I was in my jeans rut and lost my style confidence and didn't feel comfortable in anything else. I admit, I had to force myself into this outfit and it took awhile to feel confident and comfortable, but I did it and broke out of my style rut!

A style rut can come in many forms. Sometimes we get stuck wearing the same color, the same accessories or the same outfit over and over. 

Today I have 5 tips to break you out of a style rut and freshen up your look.

1. Find a new way to wear the pieces you already own.
You don't have to go buy a whole new wardrobe to get out of your style rut. Look at the pieces in your closet and style them differently. My style rut was jeans, jeans and more jeans. Instead, I can style my tops with a skirt or leggings to change things up. See if you can pair your clothes up differently to freshen up your style.  

2. Make small changes to your style.
You don't have to overhaul your entire look or abandon your personal style. Make small changes to shake things up. Do you always wear riding boots with a blazer? Try a cute pair of flats instead. If your Summer "uniform" is a maxi dress and sandals, that's okay, but wear it a few different ways. To mix it up, take a look at the same maxi dress 3 ways.


3. Use accessories to break up a style rut.
Try incorporating different accessories into your usual look. Don't always reach for your scarf, try a statement necklace instead. Change up your shoes or add a belt to create a fresh new look. Accessories are an inexpensive way to create a different look with the pieces you already own. 

4. Swap clothes with your friends.
Hosting a clothing swap party is a great way to get rid of pieces you no longer wear and gain new pieces. It's fun, easy and I bet wine will be involved. Click here for details and downloadable graphics (by right clicking on the image to) I've created for you to host a successful party.  

5. Use color to mix things up.
Color can be your best friend when breaking out of a rut. At times I have an unhealthy relationship with the black and grey pieces in my wardrobe. I rely on them to feel slimmer, more confident and style savvy. Dark colors are easy to match and create an outfit with, but they can get boring after awhile. I usually break-up with my dark colored clothes each Spring, leaving them for a fresher fun look. Use the chart below to create new color combination to brighten up your look. Right click on this image to download and save it or click through to our Style tips and trick Pinterest board. 

Wardrobe color guide

No matter what style rut you're in, use these tips to break free and rediscover your stylish self. Our Style Inspiration page is a great place to visit for style ideas, images, videos and more. 

Amy Olson

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