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Thank you Garanimals. I can get dressed all by myself now.

Posted on January 17 2016

If you are of a certain age, like me, the name Garanimals will mean something to you and most likely bring back fond memories from your childhood. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you did not have the pleasure of growing up in the 70's. A glorious time in our fashion history when synthetic fabrics had their heyday and the leisure suit ruled the runway. Garanimals was (and to my surprise still is) a company founded in 1972 to help children get dressed by themselves. Their entire concept was based on the idea of making it easy to mix and match your clothes by creating separates that were designed to go together. 

Here is how it worked: This is the actual commercial from the 70's. Enjoy

Decked out in your Garanimals gave you the self confidence to strut into kindergarten with your Wonder Women lunch box and Laura Ingalls thermos in hand like you owned the place. You didn't need help from Mom anymore to get dressed. You had Garanimals and the possibilities were endless. 

 I just googled Garanimals and here is what it says on their About Us page (again, having no idea they were still in business. Good for you Garanimals, keep on keeping on):


Garanimals was born in 1972 out of the idea that there is a positive connection between how children dress and how they feel about themselves.
The kid-friendly Garanimals mix-and-match separates makes clothes easy to pair and fun to wear. The Garanimals pairing system brings creativity and independence to young children as they select their own clothes and dress themselves. Through these small, successful decisions, children develop early feelings of self-confidence.

This statement, Through these small, successful decisions, children develop early feelings of self-confidence is just as true for some of us adult women as it is for children. We often have a closet full of clothes, but complain we have nothing to wear. The reason for that is we do not know how to mix and match what we already own or we don't have the right pieces in our wardrobe to mix and match. We don't always feel confident in creating an outfit, all by ourselves.

Let's take the lessons we learned from Garanimals and apply it to your closet today. 

  • Don't over complicate the process by buying a lot of separates that are difficult to pair with what you already own.
  • Keep the base pieces neutral. Add your patterns and pops of color later with accessories.
  • Build a wardrobe of mix and match pieces as opposed to buying "outfits".

I am ready to build on this base. Here's what I did. I was able to create three outfits from this one neutral base and you can do it too.


Outfit on the left: I added a scarf and a vest, put on boots and I was ready to go.

Outfit in the middle: Here is where I added some color and pattern with my scarf. I could have picked any scarf in my closet because I was building off a neutral base, so any color or pattern would work. 

Outfit on the right: I removed the vest and added a blazer for a more structured look. 

I didn't have to call my mom once during this process. I did it all by myself. So instead of heading off to kindergarten full of confidence, I am heading to lunch with my friends, not only looking good, but feeling good about myself as well.

Thank you Garanimals for helping me become a confident adult women who can dress herself, be creative and have fun with her wardrobe.   




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