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Careful...your style is showing.

Posted on January 24 2016

This past Friday our group got together for Bunco (some call it Drunko, which may be fair at times), the suburban moms excuse to get out of the house to drink, eat and have fun without our children or spouses. The dice game is secondary and just the excuse we use to get together every 6 weeks or so. If you do not have a Bunco group, stop what you are doing and form one right now. It is a great opportunity to get together with friends to just relax and have fun.

Kuhfs was recently featured on Good Morning America so a few people were asking me about it. Everyone was so excited for me as well as for Kuhfs and I love the support and encouragement this group provides. What I found interesting was that as I explained my company to a new member, her response was so positive for Kuhfs, but not for herself. She loved the concept of Kuhfs, but quickly dismissed herself as not stylish enough for it. Hmmm....I looked at her surprised by that statement and  said, "What do you mean you're not stylish enough, of course you are". Kuhfs is all about everyday, effortless style, not uber trendy runway style. She quickly dismissed me and said she has no style and would not be confident enough putting together an outfit with Kuhfs. A few other women piped in with similar feelings. They love the Kuhf's concept, but again quickly deemed themselves not stylish enough for it.  

This got me thinking. Why when it comes to fashion and style do women tend to put themselves down? What is it about putting an outfit together that makes us unsure of ourselves or feel less than? We all get dressed everyday, but some of us feel more confident than others...why?

Here's what I think happens. We all have a personal style whether we know it or not. Every time you get dressed you are expressing your personal style, whatever that may be. There are a lot of styles defined by the fashion industry; preppy, classic, bohemian, edgy, modern, the list goes on and on. You may fit into one specific category or you may be a combination of a few different styles. Knowing, cultivating and embracing YOUR personal sense of style will go a long way in building your confidence.

 For me, I am straight up classic, preppy with an edge. I stay true to my core preppy classic foundation, but incorporate edgy with current trends in my own unique way. If I try to wear something outside of that zone, it just doesn't feel right. It's like pretending to be someone you're not. I too, have had moments of self doubt when I see someone I think is more stylish than me. I will take a look at my outfit and feel less than for a moment or two. Over time I have learned to appreciate their sense of style and not put mine down in the process. We are all unique and express our style in different ways.  



 Here are a few tips to help you develop and become more confident in your personal style:

  • Don't compare yourself to anyone else. It's okay to admire other people's style, but don't put yourself down because your style is different. 
  • Get to know your style, define it for yourself. Take a look in your closet, what do the close in there say, what do they have in common? Generally all the clothes in your closet will be similar if you buy true to your taste. There is a style in there, you just don't know it yet.
  • When you put an outfit on and you feel good about yourself, take note of it. That is your style. If the clothes make you feel good, you feel naturally and confident then you are in your sweet spot, stick to that. Don't try to be something you are not. 
  • Go to Pinterest and type in Fashion Styles in the search box. Pinterest will pull up thousands of images of all different style categories for you to look at. Click on the category links (preppy, casual, classic etc) to see what resembles your closet. Look at the images to see where you fit in. The category doesn't have to define your style, it just helps to know what your core style sense is. You can always play with it a bit.
  • When purchasing new clothes, stop and think before you buy. Don't buy something that doesn't make you feel great when you have it on. Stay true to your taste and your style will start to emerge. If you buy clothes you really don't like because they are trendy or everyone else is wearing them, you will never be confident in how you dress. 

Now, take a look at this fabulous group of women and tell me they are not stylish. Nonsense! 

Be kind to yourself and appreciate your personal sense of style.



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