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Meet Julie, creator of the SkinnyShirt

Posted on March 09 2016

Meet Julie Kalimian, creator of The Skinny Skirt, a unique alternative to wearing a button down shirt under your clothes that eliminates the bulk and give you a smooth line. I have two and wear them all the time. 


1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

My name is Julie Kalimian. I am the mother of 4 kids ages 12, 11, 9 and 8. I am the CEO and Founder of SkinnyShirt. I live in Old Brookville, New York. Until my first child was born I spent 15 plus years working in publishing and in Manhattan. 

2.Tell me about your business/product. What is it, how did you come up with the idea, what problem does it solve?

I love the look of a crisp white button down shirt , but I hate the bunchiness and bulk. So, one day while getting dressed I thought if I combined my favorite Cami with my favorite button down I could eliminate the bulk and achieve the polished look I love. SkinnyShirt lets you look smoother and slimmer than if you were wearing a traditional button down shirt. 

3. Why do you think female entrepreneurs are more successful then men? What qualities, leadership skills, time management skills etc. do we posses that men do not?

I do not know if female entrepreneurs are more successful then men, but I will say many of the skills I gained during my corporate working life coupled with my skills as a mom are a great combination for entrepreneurship . When I was working as VP of marketing for Newsweek magazine I learned that identifying goals was seminal to achieving them. Early on as a mom I learned that you cannot do everything. Likewise, when you launch a company you do not have a big staff to delegate tasks. So, being able to identify the priorities and not focus on the other stuff is really key to launching a start up business. 

4. If you had one piece of advice for a female entrepreneur, what would it be?

Go for it! I do not think that you ever regret trying to launch a business. My friend, Gillian Segal, wrote a book recently entitled Getting There. The book is a series of interviews with the world’s best business people. They all failed before they succeeded. I have learned so much since I started my business. I would not replace that for anything. 

5. What other female entrepreneur do you admire and why?

I admire my friend Kathy Kramer. She started Invisibelt. Her generosity with contacts , ideas and support makes me admire and respect her in new ways all the time. She is a great example of someone who truly enjoys others success as much as her own.


Learn more about SkinnyShirt: http://www.skinnyshirt.com/

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