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Meet Kathy, Creator of Invisibelt

Posted on March 09 2016

Meet Kathy Kramer, creator of the genius product called Invisibelt. A sleek smooth belt that eliminates the bulk of a traditional belt, but still gives you the support you need. 


1. Tell me a bit about yourself. 
 I am 46 and live in NYC with my husband, daughter and very large golden doodle, Lucy.
I’ve lived in New York all of my life and can’t imagine ever leaving (although I do love to get out of the city on weekends).
 2. Tell me about your business/product. What is it, how did you come up with the idea, what problem does it solve?
 I invented the Invisibelt out of personal need. The Invisibelt is a flat, undetectable belt that eliminates belt buckle bulge, black gap and the need to constantly tug up pants. I have a smaller waist and slightly larger hips – so there is always extra room in the back of my pants.  Belts are too bulky (I could never wear a fitted top!) and alterations were always a time and money drain!
3. Why do you think female entrepreneurs are more successful then men? What qualities, leadership skills, time management skills etc. do they posses that men do not?
If the product is something personal to the inventor --I think women tend to have a more emotional and passionate connection to their idea.
4. If you had one piece of advice for a female entrepreneur, what would it be?
Don’t spread yourself too thin and try to do everything yourself… it is impossible.
Find others with different strengths than yours and hire them as part time or give a small piece of equity if that’s what it will take to get up and running.
5. What other female entrepreneur do you admire and why?
I think Sara Blakely of Spanx fame is amazing.  She believed in her product when nobody else did.  Like me, she introduced an entirely new category to woman’s fashion/undergarments.
Learn more about the Invisibelt:  http://www.invisibelt.com/


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