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Meet PJ, Creator of Wraperoo

Posted on March 09 2016

Meet PJ, creator of Wrapperoo, an absorbent hair towel and protective cape with over 31 hair and beauty uses.  



1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m a single girl living it up in the heart of downtown Chicago. This is the complete
opposite of my childhood where I grew up in a small Ohio town with my amazing
parents (who have been together since Jr. High School) and awesome older brother.

2. Tell me about your business/product. What is it, how did you come up with
the idea, what problem does it solve?

Let’s be honest ladies, looking our best is a messy and time consuming process. All
the make-up, hairsprays, serums, and root touch up for those of us who aren’t quite
ready to embrace the grey hairs. I came up with the idea for Wrapperoo® after
ruining my top one morning with hair serum after my small specialty hair towel
slipped off my shoulders.

3. Why do you think female entrepreneurs are more successful then men? What
qualities, leadership skills, time management skills etc. do they posses that
men do not?

Just last week I had this exact conversation with some of my girlfriends. What we
came up with is that most women aren’t raised to “bring home the bacon.” So,
despite our ambitions we’re quite a few years behind men who are taught to have a
career focused mindset from a younger age. If we start to nurture girls from a young age to pursue their dreams and believe in their talents and creativity, they will grown into ambitious, smart and successful women. Women look at the world, solve problems and multitask in ways that make them perfectly suited to be successful entrepreneurs. 

4. If you had one piece of advice for a female entrepreneur, what would it be?

Stay authentic to who you are! Don’t let the desire to make your business wildly
successful cause you to comprise your morals and values or turn into a different

5. What other female entrepreneur do you admire and why?

OPRAH OPRAH OPRAH! There isn’t enough room on this page for me to explain why
I admire her so much. She didn’t come in the ‘package’ that was the norm for her
industry. Despite the negativity, discrimination, doors slamming in her face and
more adversities than we can imagine, she didn’t let any of it stop her. She kept
fighting, broke through barriers and made her dreams come true.

Visit Wrapperoo today: http://wrapperoo.com/


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