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Oh no you didn't! Are you a fashion rule follower?

Posted on February 19 2016

In general, I'm a rule follower by nature. It's just the way I am. If the sign says "do not enter, please use the front entrance", I go around to the front while my friends giggle at me and sneak in. I don't even like to j-walk across the street. It just makes me uncomfortable to break the rules. In society there are rules and laws to make sure we all get along and play nice together. I get that and I will follow along, but when it comes to fashion and style, I don't believe in rules. Look out world, my shoes and purse don't match and I don't care. The whole idea of fashion is to express your unique style and express your creativity through your clothes. Let your personality shine through. I find rules like; no white after Labor Day or don't pair navy with black to stifle the creative process. I believe, if it looks good to you and you feel confident in it, go for it. 

Now, with that being said, I do have some, let's call them guidelines that will help you with your everyday style and increase your confidence when putting an outfit together. 

1. The fit of your clothes makes all the difference.  Too tight is not right and too baggy makes you look saggy (did I just really type that). All kidding aside, I can't stress enough how important it is to buy well fitting clothes. You will feel more confident in what you have on if it fits correctly. 

Clothes that are too tight accentuate bumps and rolls and can be physically uncomfortable to wear. You will be self conscious about your outfit if it is too tight and no one wants to worry about that.   

No matter what size you are, if your clothes are too big and boxy, it does nothing for your shape. We all have issues with our body image and sometimes try to hide certain areas under our clothes. I get it, I do it too sometimes. What you really want to do is find clothes that fit properly, hit you in the right spot and accentuate the features you want to show off.  Here are a few examples of well fitting clothes. 

The girl with the leggings on has a nice blouse that is longer in the back to cover her comfortably, but yet the jean jacket hits her in the right spot and is cut to create an hour glass look. 

The blazer hits me just above my hips (not my favorite area), any longer and it would actually make my hips look bigger. The dresses shown here are not too tight or too big. They fit nicely and create an appealing shape. Belting a dress or longer sweater is a great way to create an hour glass look. 

2. Leggings are not pants. Please, just don't do it. 

I love my leggings as much as the next girl. They are comfortable, stylish and fun, but for the love of God, please don't wear them as pants. Even if you have a rockin body like the girl pictured here, it just isn't classy to wear leggings and tights without covering up a bit. 

Here is a better way to be comfortable and stylish with leggings. 


3. Don't over accessorize. 

Now, this is Coco Chanel talking to us here. She knows a thing or two about style. Accessories are meant to draw attention, to finish off an outfit and complete it. If you are wearing too many accessories, it just gets confusing and ends up looking like a hot mess. Stick to one statement piece or a few delicate pieces to polish off your look. 
4. Don't chase trends or spend a lot on trendy pieces. 
Trends will come and go with each passing season, some have staying power, while other are a flash in the pan. It's fun to incorporate trends you like into your wardrobe, but don't feel like you have to wear every trend out there or break the bank buying the latest designer pieces just to be current and stylish. It is better to spend time and money investing in good quality wardrobe staples that you can mix and match to suit your personal style rather than buying expensive trendy pieces you may only wear once or twice. If you want to incorporate a trend into your style, do it with accessories or with a less expensive piece that if only worn a few times doesn't blow your whole budget.
This Spring open shoulders, netting, lace, flared jeans, pink, delicate jewelry and a fresh take on the white button down will all be trending.  Yes, now that we have all invested in big statement piece jewelry, the fashion world is going in the opposite direction, what a shocker. For jewelry trends I usually go to somewhere like Charming Charle's to get a few fun trendy pieces. It's affordable and if the trend fizzles out, I haven't invested a lot of money on pieces I won't be wearing again. 
Here are a few trendy pieces that won't break the bank this Spring. 
Hope you enjoyed this piece.
Amy Olson 
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