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5 Tips to Transition your Winter clothes to Spring

Posted on February 28 2016

For me,  the change of season is always a welcome change no matter what season we are transitioning into. Winter to Spring is one of my favorite transitions.  By now we are tired of the cold, dark days and are anxiously waiting for that first 60 degree day to throw open the windows and breathe in the fresh air.  The days are getting longer and we are no longer driving home from work in the dark. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel from a long, cold Winter. During this time, Mother Nature will tease us with a few warm days here and there before she decides to let go of Winter completely and usher in Spring.  

This seasonal transition can be a tricky time when deciding what to wear:  is it Winter or is it Spring?  So don't put away your winter wardrobe just yet!  Today I will show you how to get a few more miles out of your Winter wardrobe before you pack it away for the season.  We can breathe new life into those pieces by mixing and matching them with some of our Spring and Summer pieces to create entirely new looks. 

Here are 5 Tips to Transition your Winter clothes into Spring. 

1. Lighten Up.

It's time to start lightening up the color and weight of the clothes are you wearing. You can keep wearing some of your Winter pieces, just mix and match them with lighter weight pieces and start to incorporate the bright, fun colors of Spring. 


2. Layers

Layers will be your best friend this time of year. The temps can fluctuate from day to day, and even hour to hour,  in the Spring. The ability to remove or add layers to an outfit will keep you comfortable during this unpredictable time. 

 3. Say Yes to the Dress

The dresses you have been styling with boots, tights and leggings all Winter can be transitioned into Spring effortlessly.  Simply remove the boots, tights or leggings and your dress has a whole new look and feel. 

Winter Look                                                               Spring Look




 4. Give your White Jeans a Spring Makeover.

Hopefully you have been rockin your white denim this winter after we talked about breaking dated fashion rules. Keep them in rotation, but start removing the boots, heavy jackets and scarves you were wearing them with and instead pair them with a chambray shirt or cute light weight sweater. 

Winter Looks


 Spring Looks



 5. Cuff your Jeans and Change your Shoes.

Simply cuff the jeans you have been wearing all winter for fresh fun look. Break out your flats and sandals and you are ready for the warmer days ahead.  Adding Kuhfs to those jeans will instantly elevate your style this Spring and Summer. 

We hope you enjoyed this piece on how to transition your Winter clothes into Spring. If you follow these tips you will get some extra mileage out of your Winter wardrobe while Mother Nature continues to tease us with the warmer days ahead.


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