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Taking an outfit from day to night, it's as easy as 1,2,3

Posted on May 04 2017

The versatility of your wardrobe does not solely depend on what's in your closet.  A lot of it comes down to creativity and knowing how to mix and match the pieces and accessories you already own to take an outfit from everyday casual to a dressier nighttime look. 

You don't need to have two separate wardrobes, one for the day and one for the night. I don't have the budget for that, nor the closet space. Stretch your wardrobe budget by knowing how a few simple accessory changes can take an outfit from day to night. 

This is how we do it...

Smooth Sailing Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique   Smooth Sailing Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique

This first outfit is perfect for running errands or having lunch with a friend. It's casual, yet stylish and on trend. To adapt this outfit for a night on the town, I upgraded the jewelry, purse, and the shoes while also throwing on a fitted blazer to give the outfit some structure. How simple is that? Now, could I wear this outfit to a really fancy restaurant, probably not, but it's perfect for date night or girls night out. I don't go to really fancy restaurants anyway, it's not my thing. I'm more of a beer and pizza kind of date which bodes well for my husband.  My outfit is casual for running errands on Saturday and then polished and put-together for a fun night on the town. 

Give your hair and make-up a quick touch up and you don't even have to shower again before you head out the door. Amen to that! I hate blow-drying my hair so if it looks somewhat acceptable ( and by acceptable I mean, it's not a total hot mess), I'll skip the shower, run the straight iron through my hair and call it a day...or night :)  

   Smooth Sailing Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique  Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique

If I wanted to give that same basic outfit above just a little oomph, I don't need to add the jacket. Just upgrade the jewelry, shoes, and purse. Those gorgeous diamond tennis bracelets you see were a gift from my husband...just kidding, their fake diamonds (Diamonique) from QVC and I love em! No shame in my game, but don't tell anybody, it will be our little secret. Again proving you don't have to spend a fortune to elevate a casual outfit. 

The other jewelry and purses I selected are from our new collection. These pieces will soon become your favorites. Don't delay in ordering though, we just launched the new lines last week and we are already on back order with some of the pieces. They will be back in stock by the end of May. You can still order now and I will ship them out asap! 

1st Casual Outfit deets:

Grace Gold Leaf Necklace

Emma Round Gold Leaf Earrings

Mama Bear Necklace (how cute is this?) 

Jules Crossbody Saddle Purse

  Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique    Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique  

 Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique    Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique    

2nd Dressed up outfit deets:

Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique    Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique


Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique     

Both outfits have our Smooth Sailing Kuhfs added to my jeans. Kuhfs adds a layer of style and pattern to both outfits. Shop our Smooth Sailing Kuhfs here.

 Smooth Sailing Kuhfs | Women's fashion accessory boutique

Other outfit deets:

The tank is from Loft (last year), jeans are from White House Black Market and the sandals I got on Etsy from this awesome Greek designer. Check out her shop! I don't see my sandals in her shop, but she has some really cool shoes! I ordered the multi-colored shoes and I can't wait to wear them. The black wedge sandals are from Gap, circa 2013. I bet you have similar black wedges in your closet right now. I can't seem to let go of these wedges, I love them. I had to replace the velcro on the strap a few times but then they are good as new. The Jacket ( Savannah Stripe jacket) is from a company called Jacket Society. The owner, Nora, is a doll and she designs her entire line of jackets. They are an investment you will be thankful you made. Her jackets are true to size and extremely well made. You know me, I will be wearing this jacket for years to come. 

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Amy Olson - Owner and Creator of Kuhfs





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