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Show off your casual style with our Whimsy boot and jean Kuhfs. You can pair these Kuhfs with your boots, cuffed jeans or leggings to create a cute and stylish outfit effortlessly. Easily add them to your boots in the Fall & Winter to show off your fun personality, then transition them to your cuffed jeans to complete your Spring and Summer look. Be prepared for the compliments you'll receive when you show up at your next outing perfectly styled with Kuhfs.

Adding Kuhfs to the boots, jeans, and leggings you already own will increase the versatility of your wardrobe, elevate your style and give your favorite outfits a fresh new look. 

Are you a Kuhfs Girls too?

Our Kuhfs are produced in limited quantities to ensure you have a design that is unique to your personal style. Once a design is sold out, it's gone for good. 

These Kuhfs are crafted from a delicate sheer fabric. 

Our Kuhfs are sewn one at a time to ensure superior quality and a product that will last you for many seasons to come. 

  • One size fits most. Our Kuhfs are adjustable to ensure a proper fit every time. 
  • Kuhfs are 20 inches long x 3 inches wide
  • Do not machine wash. Spot clean with mild detergent. 
  • Can be worn on your boots, jeans, leggings, workout pants and capris. 


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